Sunday, June 14, 2009

What is growing now

Finally made it out to the prairie again. It has been almost 2 weeks since my last visit. The burned area has grown so thick, it is hard to see the difference between the burned area and the mown firebreaks.
The Windflowers are blooming all over along with Golden Alexanders, Hoary Puccoon, Vetch, and Sandwort. The Porcupine Grass is getting tall and will soon release its long sharp seeds.
The corn is about 6 inches tall on the food plots. We plant corn just for the wild animals to eat. A deer and 2 pheasants were enjoying the fields tonight.
We also plant a little bit of sweet corn in one of the food plots. Some little critter decided to eat the seed and not wait for the full ears. There are little holes all along the corn rows. We are willing to share, but are not happy to share the seeds! Hopefully, we'll still get some corn for ourselves.

The main reason for tonight's visit was to try to catch bugs with Tori's new net. We caught a few bugs with the net, but we were caught by lots of wood ticks.

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