Thursday, June 18, 2009

Snapping turtle

  We had quite an adventure tonight on our prairie drive. Dark clouds were gathering and it looked like we were going to have a big storm. The clouds passed without giving rain, but they added drama to the evening.

The highlight of the night was an encounter with a BIG snapping turtle. It was hanging out in the road near the apple tree. The shell was covered in moss and mud. It was about 2 feet long. I was surprised to pointed bumps along its tail. It looked like a stegosaurus! 
Poppy nudged it with his foot and it lunged at him. I jumped and both of my daughters were a little frightened. (The girls were not near the turtle and were not in any danger.) We left the turtle where it was and continued on our way. We saw several rooster pheasants and a doe with a fawn.

Blooming on the prairie: Bedstraw, hoary puccoon, vetch, windflowers, prairie turnip, golden alexander, and porcupine grass.

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