Thursday, May 7, 2009

Greening already

Blades of grass are unfolding all over the burnt area. They emerge from the ground folded over, then pop up once the loose end is free from the ground.
I don't know if it is all brome grass or native. It is NOT little or big bluestem since it is definitely not a bunch grass.

With the cattails burned short, we were able to see a goose on a nest in the loon pond. I hope it makes it through the season.

Dad and I saw 2 buzzards sitting by the broken attic window of the farmhouse. I had never seen them sitting on a house before. We worried that something had died in the attic, but there was (thankfully) nothing there.

I saw a female cardinal in our lilac bush today. The male was there too, but I had seen him before. It is harder to spot the females. I try to keep our bird feeders filled, but the squirrels eat the seeds as fast as I fill the feeders. I'll have to borrow Poppy's live trap, once he has captured all the red squirrels living in the wall of his porch. He caught two already this week.

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